Monday, November 21, 2005

Case Studies, Pendrell Place: Levelton Report (November 21, 2005)

This new report from Levelton Engineering serves to update the Owners with respect to the condition of the East wall of Pendrell Place.

Levelton cut viewing ports into the stucco clad sections of the East wall and observed corrosion of the metal hat-tracks supporting the stucco panels of the wall.

It is Levelton's recommendation to replace the panels with a new rainscreen building envelope and to seal the exposed concrete portions of the East wall.

This is precisely the type of work that Mr. Oldaker has insisted on since 2000. When the recommended work is done, Mr. Oldaker will be able to restore the interior of his leaky rotten moldy condo penthouse in accordance with the building permit issued by the City of Vancouver.

Currently, Mr. Oldaker cannot undertake repairs to the interior of his suite without repairs being done to the east wall, which is the exterior wall of his penthouse and which is exposed to wind-driven rain.

Previous work undertaken at Pendrell Place addressed the north, south and west elevations of the building, leaving the most exposed east wall not fixed and Mr. Oldaker's leaky condo uninhabitable for five years.

Report from Levelton 21 Nov 2005.pdf