Friday, December 23, 2005

Case Studies, Pendrell Place: Under New Management

Effective January 1, 2006, Century 21 Prudential Estates (RMD) Ltd., Property Management Division, has assumed management duties of Strata Plan V.R. 1008, Pendrell Place. Century 21 took over property management from Strataco Management, run by J.P. Daem who, in May of 2005, gave 60 days notice for the management contract with Pendrell Place (but who then agreed afterward to stay on until such time as the strata corporation could retain another property management company. Mr. Daem and Strataco Management resigned as property manager as of December 31, 2005.)

In a letter dated December 23, 2005 sent to all owners of units in Pendrell Place, W.D. Blackall, General Manager of Century 21 Property Management, listed David Distelmeyer as the new Strata Manager. Mr. Blackall went on to say that:

Effective communication between the Owners, Council Members and Management is an important ingredient in the administration of any Strata Corporation, and your input is certainly encouraged relevant to problems or questions you may have from time-to-time concerning your Strata Lot, your Strata Corporation or the condominium industry in general.

My examination of Pendrell Place documents leads me to believe that the leaks and rot at Pendrell Place were not caused by ineffective communication, nor was the lack of repair, which extends to this very day.