Artist Michael Zheng has a message for developers of leaky rotten condos

Art installation intrudes like leaky condos wrapped in tarps     

Micheal Zheng's art installation, The STOP, in Vancouver is supported by concrete donated by Ocean Cement as are many leaky rotten condo buildings.

The False Creek Elementary School in the background is one of many leaky rotten schools in British Columbia.

Artist Zheng wants us to consider the meaning of "stop", something developers of leaky condo developers in British Columbia were not interested in doing as long as they could keep making money by selling defective condominiums.

We are hopeful that Zheng's jarring intrusion upon the landscape will removed soon.

Unfortunately the owners of leaky rotten condos will be forced to pay for repairs for many more years after Zheng's message on aluminum and steel has been recycled as scrap.


Michael Zheng’s The STOP has been installed in two locations in Vancouver to kick off the 2009-2011 edition of the Vancouver Biennale!  These arresting and thought-provoking pieces can be found in Charleston Park and Vanier Park and have already attracted lots of photographers and commentary from people passing by.red_side