Condo owners want better laws, transparency and accountability

* Leaks, Rot, Mould and Fraud *





  April 2, 2008


According to strata owners on Vancouver Island there are major deficiencies in BC’s strata legislation. Over 458,000 condominiums and other strata properties, or one in four taxable properties in BC are affected by strata legislation. 67,000 of these properties are located on Vancouver Island.


A series of public meetings hosted by the Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association (VISOA) was completed on March 30.  At these meetings, participants reacted to a discussion paper based on numerous complaints VISOA had received about inadequate legal protection for strata owners. Based on the public meetings, written submissions from owners and consultation with homeowner associations on the mainland, VISOA is now developing a report on issues and alternatives for improving BC’s strata legislation.  The report will be available later this spring.


Most concerns expressed by strata owners focused on transparency and accountability deficiencies, including:


  • Lack of an accessible and authoritative source of legislation interpretation to support the operation of strata corporations according to law,
  • Lack of a requirement for a depreciation report or reserve fund study to inform owners and purchasers of the financial implications of the condition of common property,
  • Lack of a requirement for an audit of strata finances even where the strata corporation has hundreds of thousands of dollars in a reserve fund, and
  • Lack of prosecution of developers operating contrary to strata legislation.


“Furthermore, VISOA research has found that BC lags behind other jurisdictions in requiring transparency and accountability for key areas of strata or condominium operations”, said Felicia Oliver, VISOA President.


VISOA is a non-profit organization that has provided information and education services to strata owners and strata councils on Vancouver Island since 1973.


BC’s strata legislation includes the Strata Property Act, the Real Estate Development Marketing Act and the Real Estate Services Act.




Media Enquiries:         Deryk Norton

                      VISOA Board Member – Government Relations

Tel. (250) 743-8724


UBC: Leaky condo architect, Bryce Rositch, appointed to Board of Governors by Government of British Columbia

Ministry Responsible: ADVANCED EDUCATION
Statutory Authority: University
The following appointments be made to the University of British Columbia Board of Governors:
For a three year term
Nicole Byers, Bryce Rositch, Karen Nishi, Martin Glynn, John Reid and Jay Grewal.
The following appointments be rescinded: Elsie McMurphy, Stephen Howard, Guninder C. Mumick, Joe Y. Wai, and Linda C. Crompton. [1]

Ministry Responsible: ADVANCED EDUCATION
Statutory Authority: University
Bryce Rositch and Nicole Byres reappointed to the Board of Governors for the University of British Columbia effective February 11, 2005 for a term up to and including February 10, 2008. [2]

Bryce Rositch, B.A., B.Arch.

Mr. Rositch is a principal and partner of Rositch Hemphill & Associates Architects, a mid-sized, Vancouver architecture firm focussed on multi-family residential, mixed commercial-residential, and resort-related projects.

A graduate of the UBC School of Architecture, he developed the Design Guidelines for single family and multi-family zones in the University Endowment Lands. He also established and continues to fund the Gerry Allard Memorial Fund for the UBC School of Architecture. He also designed The Pemberley and St. James House at Hampton Place, UBC.

Mr. Rositch is past president and treasurer of the Architectural Institute of BC, past Chair of the AIBC Building Envelope Task Force, former Provincial Representative to the National Committee of Canadian Architectural Councils, former Canadian Representative on the Canada-U.S.-Mexico NAFTA Drafting Committee and former member, Vancouver Safety City Task Force and Vancouver Safer City Commission. He is a member of the Architectural Institute of BC, Alberta Association of Architects and Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. [3]


1. Resume of Orders in Council (Vol. 29, No. 4)

2. Resume of Orders in Council (Vol. 32, No. 2)


COLCO advocates leaky condo compensation - November 27, 2000

2000 Legislative Session: 4th Session, 36th Parliament



Monday, November 27, 2000
11:00 a.m.

Burrard Room, Century Plaza Hotel
Vancouver, B.C.

Present: D. Lovick, MLA (Chair); G. Farrell-Collins, MLA (Deputy Chair); J. Cashore, MLA; J. Pullinger, MLA; I. Chong, MLA; M. de Jong, MLA

Unavoidably Absent: B. Goodacre, MLA; G. Mann Brewin, MLA; D. Streifel, MLA; E. Walsh, MLA; R. Thorpe, MLA 

1. The Chair called the Committee to order at 11:02 a.m.



Mr. Balderson, you and your colleagues, I believe, are next on our list. Gentlemen, whenever you are ready, proceed.

J. Balderson: Good afternoon, members of the committee. Thank you for this opportunity to meet with you this afternoon. To my right is John Grasty, a member of the Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners, and to his right is Rudy Eylmann, also a member.

All three of us own leaky, rotten homes built and sold in British Columbia -- some of them with a fraudulent new-home warranty that was provided by the Canadian Home Builders Association -- owned, controlled and directed by the builders building leaky, rotten homes and providing a fraudulent, rotten warranty to cover them. As you know, the NHW is now bankrupt, and many of our members are headed that way. We've had several commissions of inquiry, two with which you're familiar, and our own is ongoing.

The Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners believes that compensating the owners of leaky, rotten condos will help restore confidence in the government, the justice system, the housing market and the provincial economy. To do less will continue the erosion of that confidence and increase the cynicism and despair of citizens in this province.

I'm going to turn over our presentation to John Grasty for some of the economic matters. Of course we work closely with Carmen, and we'd like to applaud her presentation, which you have just heard. After that, Rudy Eylmann will give you an insight into what it's like to live in a leaky, rotten condo at his stage of life -- as are many of our members. Then I'll provide a wrap-up sentence or two.