Media Alert: CTV's W-FIVE investigates leaky condos and other shoddy new homes

Media Alert November 1, 2007

COLCO: The Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners


“Leaky rotten condos and other defective residential construction issues continue to plague homeowners in British Columbia”, says James Balderson, spokesman for COLCO: The Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners.


An investigation of BC’s leaky condo problem and other shoddy work by developers across Canada is scheduled for the CTV W-FIVE programme on Saturday, November 3, 2007 at 7pm with a repeat broadcast on Sunday, November 4, at 5pm.  (Check local listings.)


“The boom in condo development and real-estate prices has not solved the Olympic-sized multi-billion dollar leaky condo problem in BC.  A $100,000 increase in the market value of a condo means the owner who sells after paying $100,000 for repairs actually loses money.  Meanwhile, government coffers spill over with taxes.  We can’t pay escalating leaky condo repair bills with propaganda from careless politicians, careless developers, careless architects, careless professional engineers, careless contractors and careless realtors.  We need real money, lots of it, just like the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.” said Balderson. 


Balderson led the W-FIVE investigators to one of BC’s worst leaky condo disasters: Vancouver, Pendrell Place, VR 1008, 1819 Pendrell Street


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