Case Studies, Pendrell Place: Chris Monk writes to Hilary Mason outlining magnitude of problems

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From: "Executive Waiter Resources Inc."
To: Hilary Mason
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 8:35 AM
Subject: Concerns

Hi Hilary,

I am very concerned with the magnitude of repairs that are required for
this building.

It seems that even if we cut some corners with some of the
building envelope renovations...we still have to deal with the mold issue.

I'm not an expert but the usual remedy is to rip all the potentially
contaminated dry wall off the walls and replace it. That project alone will
likely cost hundreds of thousands.

Mr.Oldaker had his suite tested for mold in 2000. He sent his results (the
samples tested positive) to Accent Management and Marty Lewis. Both Marty and Ascent ignored the report and accused Richard Oldaker of being a fear generator.

Marty Lewis was in possesion of a report prepared by Levelton, claiming
that this building was in need of a building envelope assesment due to the
high volumes of water Ingress and mold spore counts. All this...prior to
yours and my purchase.

Quite frankly Hillary...I don't know were everyone plans on getting the
money to do all these repairs.

I feel that as an owner who was falsely disclosed to, that if we have a shot at recovering insurance money and we do, then we should. That's why the Corporation has insurance.

It sickened me to hear Marty Lewis read his wife's letter about the building requiring other repairs. Many of the items that she mentioned as being in need of repair, were items that were in need of attention years ago. Yet, instead of taking care of the problems that she seems to be quite
knowledgable about, her and Marty's remedy to these problems, was to build themselves a new deck, buy new rugs for Barbara, renovating the bathrooms of council members, paying for decks that don't exist, paying a contractor 3 times the going rate.

They put the Strata into bankruptcy when they withdrew the last ten thousand out of the CRF in 1998, in order to build their new deck.

Once Marty, Bev and Barb (all on the first floor, not the best location to
address water ingress of a building) used up the last $10,000 of the Strata
CRF that they illegally withdrew...they kept the contractor working on
various common but mostly personal projects. This led to an account payable to The Maintenance Company (on behalf of ALL the owners) to the tune of $32,000. All this, after they had withdrawn our last $10,000 from the CRF.

Since Marty, Bev and Barb didn't have the money to pay for their new decks and they had kept it a secret from Sharon Dewar of Vancap what they had been doing with all of the owners' money behind her back. Upon the discovery of these unauthorized expenditures Vancap terminated their contract immediately.

So Marty, Bev and the gang called upon Ascent to take over and to help them levy $100,000 from the owners, to bail them out. They lied in the minutes and published that they terminated Vancap for mismanagement.

Then, they told the owners that $32,000 dollars had been spent on emergency Water Ingress Issues and that $32,000 was owed to the Maintenance Company.

An approx total of what was paid to the Maintenance Company was over $70,000. The Maintenance Company billed us for some work done in November of 98 on our roof.

Immediately after the Maintenance Company tampered with our roof,
a massive flood occured through the roof that caused units 502, 503, 504 to have to be completely re drywalled. Flooding occured in units
402, 403, 404, 302, 103 and many more, I can't remember them all off hand.

The Maintenace Company was in contractor heaven. Randy who I think may have been Sue Carriere's boyfriend, had a make work project on his hands and clients that were letting him run free at the same rate that would
accomodate, the salary 3 Qualified tradesmen.

In December of 1998, Mainland Hitech (The roofing company that redid our roof in 1992 and issued a ten year warranty) was called by Randy of the Maintenance Company. Randy was having problems "fixing" our roof (The major flood described above had occured). Irv Green of Mainland Hitech wrote a letter denying and voiding our warranty, due to the fact that Randy had tampered with his roof membrane. His letter also states that the repairs to the roof done by The Maintenance Company were done by someone "with no roofing knowledge".

What is even more interesting is that a letter dated Jan 99 was circulated
to all the owners by Randy of the Maintenance Company. This letter advises the owners that if they would like him to address some of our roof problems, that they might run the risk of voiding their existing warranty with the original roofer. Yet, Marty Lewis had a letter in his Council files dated 2 weeks earlier informing him that the roof warranty was already voided. As recently as the 2001 AGM, Marty has made the claim that our roof was under warranty.

Marty Lewis was made aware by Irv green that our roof had been improperly repaired and I believe that the mold issue has risen as a direct result.

As new owners and council members, you need to be informed about the facts.

As opposed to Marty Lewis...I am prepared to substantiate my facts. Marty Lewis claims that the roof has run it's life span. That is not fact. In
fact, we should have been able to have had our roof maintained until 2002
under our warranty. There have been chronic water Ingress issues with the
roof that has led to mold problems ever since the Maintenance Company
tampered with it in 1998.

If extensive flooding occured through our roof in 1998 and we were not
covered under our ten year warranty that expired in 2002 and paid another contractor 3 times the going rate to ruin our suggest that our roof has endured it's natural lifespan is nothing more than the opinion of a fool.

What are we going to do about this?

Chris monk