Case Studies, Pendrell Place: Lynne Gonzalez comments on misleading allegations and conflicts of interest

In an email dated June 11, 2001 addressed to Chris Monk, Lynne Gonzalez outlines a copy of a letter she wrote to all the owners discussing the misleading allegations brought forward in a letter signed by a group of eight other owners. She also discusses the conflict of interest issues surrounding this group of owners.

[Note: an excerpt of the letter signed by Barbara Coleman et al, referred to by Lynne Gonzalez, may be found here.]


re: June 18th Meeting Agenda Items and letter signed by Barbara Coleman, Beverly and Martin Lewis, Daphne Bramham, Gordon Owens, Ilpo Halva, Susan Erdmann, and Max Campos.

Each of the above people has a "conflict of interest" in any vote or statement regarding financial matters relating to Owners’ Strata VR1008 .

Gordon Owens, as chairman of our current Strata Council, while acting as representative of all owners in the position of Chairman, has acted, at the same time, in his own interests, as a realtor, selling Unit #501 belonging to Susan Erdmann, without disclosing to the prospective buyers, either the pending lawsuits which will have a financial impact on the new owner, or the effect of the water ingress in suite #504. It is an assumption that Susan Erdmann has not taken the initiative, either, to disclose to her prospective buyers the above facts.

Barbara Coleman, Daphne Bramham and Ilpo Halva have each received benefits of new decks/patios (in some cases, done in duplicate) while sitting on the council that approved these improvements and for extremely high figures, illegaly using Contingency Reserve Funds without the consent of all the owners.

Maximo Campos has sat on numerous councils and not "blown the whistle", as well as benefitting directly from a janitorial contract @ $7200.00 per annum, for over five years. Daphne Bramham, has a particular "conflict of interest" , because she is also acting as our financial representative.

I would like to point out that, while we are an elected council of seven people, Gordon Owens, our chairman, Daphne Bramham, our Treasurer, Max Campos, and Barbara Coleman, who are four of the people that signed the June 7th, 2001 letter, are precisely the people who boycotted, a mutually agreed upon, designated meeting on April 30th and, not only once, but again boycotted a meeting called with a requisite week’s notice by Mrs. Gonzalez Doupe for May 10th, 2001. It is both false and manipulative to state that "attempts at meetings have been boycotted by one or more council members on a number of occasion resulting in no quorum", when it is precisely this group that has done so.

Chris Monk, Tim Dudra and I, who are three elected members of your 2001 Council have repeatedly asked for financial statements from Ascent Management, Gordon Owens, our Chairman and our Treasurer, Daphne Bramham, for the past fiscal year, in order to assess and eventually approve a new budget. It is very distressing to be at the receiving end of false accusations, when we have been the ones to initiate the search for truth and accountability. No invoices or statements of disbursements have been produced for the past fiscal year, or the two preceding years, for that matter, and we now face a $24,278.66 deficit with an additional levy for $40,000 without producing any invoices. Something is indeed adrift. How can any of us approve a new budget or levy without seeing any breakdown or details of financial disbursement?

Since the people who signed the letter dated June 7, 2001, have refused to show us these statements, contravening our By-laws, and both the Condominium and Strata Corporation Act, we would like to ask why they are so vehemently against doing so.

Please note that the above statements are factual and can be substantiated with invoices and documents from both VanCap and Ascent Management, as well as personal correspondence between Marty Lewis, Chairman of Council 2000-2001 and Michael Roach, as well as minutes from the Strata Council.

Also, in accordance with our By-laws, no council member can be removed without "just cause". A conflict of interest and boycotting of two scheduled meeting (see attached minutes) seem to fall within this category.


Lynne Doupe Gonzalez