Vancouver, Leaky Condo Case Study, Pendrell Place: Oldaker questions Ascent regarding compliance with building code


August 2, 2000

[The following correspondence was conducted via fax.]

[To] Mike Roach [Ascent Real Estate Management]

I am advised that the building code specifically speaks to the "leaky condo" question

If my advice is correct is it appropriate for an owner to request assurance any repairs are being done in compliance with code?


R. B. Oldaker

[Owner, Strata Lot 22, Strata Plan VR 1008, Suite #504, Pendrell Place, 1819 Pendrell St., Vancouver]


[Mike Roach replied by return fax as follows]

Richard Oldaker

I don't believe that this building would fall into the "leaky condo" classification.  It is not normally the practice to supply individual owners with such assurances as the repairs are being conducted on common property, or limited common property which is the responsibility of the strata corporation as a whole.

[Signed Mike Roach]

[To which Mr.Oldaker replied]

Mike Roach

Do you have any "authority" for your "belief" that 1819 [Pendrell St.] does not fall into leaky condo class.[sic]

Do not inividual owners own common property - if they don't who does?

As owners they are surely entitled to any and all information - it is they, after all, who pay the bills.

R.B. Oldaker

[Source: BC Supreme Court File, Docket L003498]

[Editor's Note (July 2007): we have been unable to determine that Mr. Roach ever responded to Mr. Oldaker.]