Case Studies, Pendrell Place - Coleman complains: response from Sullivan Construction

The following was sent to Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation from Sullivan Construction, and includes a response to Barbara Coleman's
August 17, 1999 letter.

August 23, 1999

Attn: John Alveras
Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation

Dear John,

Re: 103-1819 Pendrell St.

Some old concerns were discussed with Mrs. Coleman on August 19, 1999. A bulkhead in the main entrace remains unfinished and stained. Her bathroom dryer vent is not functional and is creating a moisture problem in her unit. Also, a previous person has left their vertical blind track barely hanging on to where it had been anchored. The spare bedroom ceiling should not be painted until the 36' active cold joint leak is repaired.

Furthermore, Barbara wants her deck railing facing the front of the building removed and replaced with a railing to match existing. This railing is custom made and 20' x 39" high.

Re: 202-1819 Pendrell St.

I have also met with Catherine Walker and she voiced some concerns. In her bathroom over her tub, the ceiling is falling down and some repairs have been attempted. In her spare bedroom the ceiling is falling right below the non-functioning in-slab dryer vent pipe. I suspect water is entering in the old pipe as it is not sealed outside. Also, her living room has an active cold joint leak on the west side.

Thank you,

Andy Sullivan Sr.
Sullivan Construction

Case Studies, Pendrell Place: Barbara Coleman complains about ongoing repairs

August 17, 1999

To: John Alevras, Property Manager
Ascent Management Corp.

From: Barbara Coleman

Re: Ongoing Repairs

Dear John,

As you will note on the following page, repairs in my suite have been ongoing since January '99. I have been unable to make any use of the second bedroom for eight months.

Approximately two months ago, Easy Care took the carpet from the bedroom and said it would take one week to clean and return. I have not heard from them for two months.

The ceiling is stained in both the second bedroom and one corner of the living room. The walls were only partially painted in the bedroom. The blinds were not put back in place. There is unfinished work in the foyer as noted on the following page. The patio wall has to be replaced.

It was the council's decision to put a work stoppage at a most inopportune time for me. I have been patient. Now I would like the work completed as soon as possible.


Barbara Coleman
Unit 103

A response to this letter may be found here.